100% Natural Organic Biodegradable Safe to use

100% natural & safe

Safe and natural oak processionary caterpillar control - RUFIX® has been developed using natural and organic raw materials, which are harmless for humans and the environment and even biodegrade.

Direct & fast action

RUFIX® is applied to the nest and the effect starts immediately. The nest sticks with caterpillars & fire hairs, the nuisance disappears immediately. After injecting the nest, the nest breaks down by itself.

Targeted effective

RUFIX® is only applied to the nest, so other organisms in the tree and its surroundings are not controlled, something that is the case with chemical tree sprays.

Safe and Natural Oak Processionary Moth Control

Quickly treat oak processionary caterpillar yourself

Safe and natural oak processionary caterpillar control - With RUFIX® you do not need to call in expensive professionals to treat oak processionary caterpillars and nests. You simply apply RUFIX® using a low-pressure sprayer, and nature does the rest! After the nest has been treated with RUFIX®, there is no need to vacuum it up. The nest will decompose biologically after a while.

harmless to people & environment

RUFIX® is made completely from organic material, it biodegrades after use and is safe for people and the environment. RUFIX® fixative can therefore be used by anyone, without professional installation.

Fixes caterpillars & fire hairs

The oak processionary caterpillar is fixed with its hairs and/or burning hairs, the hairs and/or burning hairs stick to the caterpillar. The caterpillars can no longer move, development stops and nuisance disappears. Treatment of nests is possible from stage 3, when nests are formed. This also applies to any ground nests.


Safe and natural oak processionary caterpillar control RUFIX® is available in 1L, 5L and 15L packaging. Curious about the sales options and prices? Ask for a quotation without obligation using the button below.

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